FROM THE PAST Portuguese News from Mannar — Conversion to Catholicism

Death of Joao Monteiro first Bishop of Ceylon at Colombo
The RC religion preached at Mannar by missionaries sent by St Francis Xavier at the request of the local people. 600 converts massacred by the King of Jaffnapatnam. His eldest son becomes a Christian and is executed. The second son escapes to Goa before he can be killed. The King of Jaffnapatnam is compelled to pay a yearly tax to the Portuguese.
The Portuguese try to take Mannar from the King of Jaffnapatnam. Later in the year St Francis arrives in Mannar and visits Jaffna. He meets the king whom he persuades to form an alliance with the Portuguese.
St Francis visits Galle, Kandy and other places.
Dec 2 Death of St Francis on the island of Sancian.
1554 Mar 15
His remains are taken to Goa
Mannar ceded to the Portuguese